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How can drivers prove who was at fault for a recent collision?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2024 | Car accidents

After a car crash in Georgia, there are a lot of matters for people to address. Someone may need to hire a towing company to move their vehicle to a repair shop that they trust. They may need to go to a hospital or urgent care facility to seek medical treatment.

Eventually, they may also need to pursue compensation either by negotiating an insurance claim or filing a personal injury lawsuit. Requests for compensation in Georgia are usually only possible when the other party is to blame for the motor vehicle collision that occurred. People need proof that someone else caused a crash that put them in the hospital and left their vehicle unsafe to drive.

How can someone prove who was at fault for a recent wreck in Georgia?

With video footage

Some locations around Georgia have traffic cameras that record what happens on the road. Traffic cameras that major intersections, for example, can identify when people run red lights. Some drivers have dashboard cameras installed in their vehicles as a way to prove whether or not they are at fault for crashes. Finally, there could potentially be security cameras at businesses or private residents that record footage of the streets nearby.

With witness statements

Even in scenarios where one driver did something blatantly unsafe, they may try to avoid personal responsibility by lying or playing dumb. Police officers often have to make a snap judgment in which they weigh the statements made by each driver without knowing what really happened. Someone who locates and gets identifying information from witnesses who saw the crash could have assistance proving their perspective. Those witnesses could attest to watching someone drive through a red light immediately prior to the collision. Witnesses with no direct relationship with either party involved in the crash tend to be the most credible.

With crash reconstruction

People may need outside support from crash reconstruction professionals. Using model vehicles or specialized software, professionals can recreate what likely occurred prior to a crash based on the damage to the vehicles and certain other key details. Although it may require a lot of effort, the attempt to establish that the other driver was at fault for a wreck could make someone eligible for more financial support from insurance and possibly give them the necessary grounds to take legal action as well.

Proving who was at fault for a crash is an important part of a compensation claim. As such, seeking legal guidance to better ensure accuracy and efficiency is generally wise.

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