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June 2016 Archives

Can the death of a mother in birth be a wrongful death claim?

Childbirth is a time that should be filled with nothing but excitement and love, but it can become, in the worst-case scenario, a time that is fraught with danger for the mother and the child. Unfortunately, there are instances of childbirth ending in tragedy: the death of the mother. When this occurs, eventually one important question may need to be answered - Was this an instance of wrongful death in which the surviving family members should pursue a legal claim?

How serious is fatigued driving among commercial truck drivers?

You see them everyday on the roadways. Large trucks, whether used to transport goods or equipment, are a huge part of intrastate and interstate commerce. While motorists in Georgia are used to sharing the road with these massive vehicles, commercial truck drivers do not work normal 9 to 5 shifts on Mondays through Fridays. Because of that, some truck drivers work long hours, during the weekend and even throughout the night. Thus, driver fatigue is a concern at all hours of the day, especially when such a circumstance could lead to a serious truck accident.

The danger of distracted driving for teens in Georgia

Most of us remember the trials and tribulations of being a teenager. Whether it was 20 years ago or 50, most adults remember how impetuous and passion-driven we could be as a teenager. Now, most adults have other motivations in their lives beyond hanging out with friends and seeking approval from classmates and parents. But that doesn't mean that we can all just forget what it is like to be a teenager - especially when it comes to driving and how it affects all of us on Georgia's roadways.

Drunk driving accidents can cause serious injuries

Many Georgia residents have been involved in a so-called "fender bender" before. These types of car accidents are quite common, typically causing no injuries and only minor damage to vehicles that can be fixed quite quickly a local body shop. Unfortunately, there are other, more serious car accidents that occur on a near daily basis in Georgia -- car accidents that can cause serious injuries and even fatalities. Perhaps no other danger is more serious than the danger presented by drunk drivers on the roads who cause these types of serious car accidents.

Car accident lawsuit puts distracted driving front and center

Distracted driving is a topic that has been covered extensively, both in the general media and in previous posts here. It is an issue that has become such a concern that most states have enacted laws to police this dangerous activity. In most cases, a person who is injured in an auto accident as a result of a distracted driving will file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who was texting or otherwise using their smartphone at the time of the car accident. But, in a recent case, one Georgia resident went after the company behind the actual "app" that a distracted driver was using when his vehicle was struck, leaving the man with serious injuries.

Semi-truck accidents cause thousands of deaths every year

Most drivers probably attempt to operate their vehicles with a bit more care when they are near a semi-truck on the highways of Georgia. The danger presented by these vehicles should be clear - they are huge, weigh thousands of pounds more than the average passenger vehicle and oftentimes are transporting cargo that is hazardous. But, sadly, truck accidents involving semi-trucks are sometimes seemingly inevitable.

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