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Concussion suffered in a Georgia car accident are brain injuries

There was a time when suffering a concussion was not seen as a terribly dangerous health issue. In many cases, the Georgian was said to have had their "bell rung," or some other nonchalant idiom. Perhaps, they were even just recommended to took an aspirin. But, as many of our Georgia readers have probably seen in the last few years of news coverage on concussions, these are indeed brain injuries that need to be taken seriously.

Could you suffer a spinal cord injury in a motorcycle accident?

When a Georgia resident is involved in a motorcycle accident, a wide range of injuries could be part of the ultimate result. Neck and head injuries are common, as are broken bones. But, perhaps the most catastrophic injuries that occur in motorcycle accidents are spinal cord injuries.

Georgia trucking regulations when injured in a truck accident

Georgia residents who have been involved in a car accident sometimes do not know what to do in the immediate aftermath. Car accidents can be chaotic events, leaving one or more people with injuries, traffic patterns affected and law enforcement officials at the scene to interview everyone involved. But, when a person is injured in a truck accident, the confusion can be even greater -- so can the damage involved.

Georgia motorcycle accidents caused by a defect

When Georgia residents see reports of a motorcycle accident that does not involve another vehicle, most will probably assume that the accident was caused through some fault of the rider. That could mean rider inexperience, inattentiveness or possibly intoxication. However, there is one possibility that needs to be considered in these types of circumstances: a defect with the motorcycle itself.

How common are work zone fatalities in Georgia?

Most of our Georgia readers have probably spent quite a bit of their daily commute stuck in traffic near a construction work zone at one point or another. Infrastructure work throughout the country seems to be a never-ending and thankless task as most commuters simply want to get where they are going as soon as possible without construction delays. But, what many people may not realize is that the construction workers in those work zones may be putting their life on the line.

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