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October 2017 Archives

Car crashes and eyesight issues

All sorts of problems can factor into a car crash, whether they were completely preventable (such as incidents involving a drunk driver) or would have been much harder to avoid (patches of ice on the road). However, those with poor eyesight may cause a crash under a number of circumstances. In fact, even drivers who have good vision could find themselves in an accident that happened because their vision was obstructed for some reason. Our firm understands that these accidents can be very challenging for victims and those they love, regardless of the factors that caused the accident to occur.

The burden of proof in a slip-and-fall case

Many people view a fall as an embarrassing event and hope no one noticed. However, when someone else's negligence is the source of the accident, it can be good to have witnesses and other evidence, particularly if you have sustained a serious injury as a result. At Cromartie Law, our legal team often provides advice to people who want to hold the responsible person liable for the physical, emotional and financial damages of a fall.

Can car accidents cause PTSD?

There are many auto accident consequences that victims may experience, whether they break a bone or even pass away. Moreover, financial complications may arise following a wreck, whether someone is having a hard time with hospital expenses or loses his or her ability to work due to injuries sustained in the collision. Having said that, you should also be aware of some of the other ramifications that may come with a car collision, which many people ignore or are not aware of. For example, those involved in a car crash may experience post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of what they have been through.

What is a tripped rollover accident?

Motor vehicle collisions take a variety of forms. Sometimes, crashes involve a vehicle being T-boned or colliding into another car head-on. However, there are other types of wrecks that are especially dangerous, such as rollover accidents. In Georgia, it is vital for drivers to recognize some of the characteristics that often come with these crashes and take whatever steps they can to avoid a wreck. Moreover, you should be aware of the different ways that these accidents happen. For example, many rollovers are considered to be tripped.

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