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October 2018 Archives

Driving late at night after a long day

A person’s driving abilities may be affected by various factors, but there are times when driving is especially dangerous. For example, if someone rents a car and drives several hours to another part of the state for a concert, and they try to drive home immediately following the concert, they may be especially likely to cause a motor vehicle collision because they are extremely tired.

Truck driver fatigue and federal rules

Anyone in Georgia who has been on the road and witnessed a large commercial truck seem to have difficulty staying in its lane of travel may logically be concerned that the driver might be tired. Exhaustion and fatigue among truckers has long been a concern and with good reason. Truck drivers spend many lonely and long hours behind the wheel, often at night, making their chance of being tired and less focused when driving a real possibility. This, in turn, puts others at risk if these drivers cannot appropriately manuever their vehicles due to their fatigue.

Identifying the professionals responsible for nursing home care

When families are searching for a reputable nursing home facility in Georgia, they often spend considerable time comparing their options to select one that will be the most applicable fit for their loved one. Often, this requires them to compare similarities and differences regarding location, pricing and fees, medical care and overall patient experience before making their final decision. 

Phones and workplace accidents

People often realize how dangerous it can be to use a phone while driving. Sadly, many distracted drivers have caused accidents which claimed innocent lives because they were sending a text, reading an email or using their smartphone in some other way. It is important to keep in mind that phone use can also be very dangerous in the workplace, especially in some fields. For example, someone working on a construction site may fail to pay attention to their surroundings and cause an accident because they were distracted by their phone.

Managing fatigue in the workplace

Many workers in Georgia are overtired, and this is negatively affecting their impact on the job. Not only does fatigue decrease productivity but it also increases safety risks, especially in certain industries. Employers are seeing the financial impact of fatigue and are trying to manage it to improve safety and their bottom line.

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