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Identifying the professionals responsible for nursing home care

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2018 | nursing home abuse and neglect

When families are searching for a reputable nursing home facility in Georgia, they often spend considerable time comparing their options to select one that will be the most applicable fit for their loved one. Often, this requires them to compare similarities and differences regarding location, pricing and fees, medical care and overall patient experience before making their final decision. 

The staff at a nursing home is tasked with caring for each resident and ensuring that each person under their care is receiving customized, compassionate and respectful assistance. Failure to adequately monitor or care for patients can levy legal punishments against careless facilities. Accusations of elder abuse and neglect can ultimately destroy a facility’s ability to maintain a good reputation and may even compromise their privileges to continue operating. 

According to Web MD, nursing homes offer a variety of services to elderly individuals who are not able to care for themselves independently anymore. An example of the types of services they assist with includes personal care and hygiene, distribution of medication, 24-hour care for medical emergencies and access to activities that encourage social involvement in a recreational setting. 

Chron describes how different professionals are responsible for specific tasks and how each works as a team member to complete required responsibilities. Licensed practical nurses are in charge of performing routine assessments of patients’ vital signs, as well as more complex tasks such as inserting or removing catheters, changing bandages and giving medications. Nursing aids help residents with daily routines including showering and dressing. They may also assist with record keeping for each resident. Registered nurses oversee the other staff members and conduct training to guarantee that the facility is following outlined procedures as required by management.  

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