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May 2019 Archives

Are traffic accident deaths more likely during Memorial Day?

Motor vehicle wrecks can be extremely difficult for victims and their family members. However, some are especially devastating, such as collisions which claim lives. It is important for drivers to be vigilant and recognize times when fatal accidents may be more likely to occur. For example, drivers should be especially cautious during Memorial Day weekend and other times of the year when there is an increase in the number of fatal traffic crashes.

Foot injuries and motor vehicle accidents

Car accidents can result in many different consequences that not only turn the lives of victims upside down, but their loved ones' lives may be affected also. There are countless ways in which motor vehicle accident victims are injured, whether they sustain a broken neck or brain damage after hitting their head. However, it is important to recognize some of the other injuries which may not receive as much attention but can be very devastating for victims, such as foot injuries.

What are bedsores?

One of the basic expectations you should have of any nursing home or long-term care facility in Rome is that its staff will do everything possible to help your loved one avoid suffering preventable injuries. Slips and falls can happen despite even the best precautions, yet one type of injury that is almost completely preventable is a bedsore. Having entrusted a family member or friend to the care of such a facility, you should know what these are, how to spot them, and how they occur. 

Car accidents and college graduation

For many college students and their families, this time of year is exciting because years of hard work will pay off and students will finally have earned their college degree. Unfortunately, a motor vehicle collision can shatter graduation celebrations, and may also result in many challenges for recent grads and their loved ones. Sometimes, these accidents prove fatal, which is especially upsetting. Even when those involved survive the crash, they may face a number of physical and financial problems. This can be especially tough for a recent graduate who was planning on starting their career.

The long-term effects of lung disease

Georgia workers who experience long-term exposure to irritants in the workplace may get one of any number of occupational lung diseases. Tiny particles in the air at factories, mining facilities, construction sites and farms are the most hazardous as the body absorbs them instead of expelling them through coughing. The smaller the particles, the more lung damage they can cause.

Imputed negligence in truck accidents

Your default assumption regarding liability cases is likely that only the parties directly involved can be made to answer for the outcome. Thus, if you have been involved in a truck accident in Rome, you might assume that your claim lies solely with the truck driver. Yet what about the company that employs them? A strong argument might be made that your accident might never have occurred had the trucker not been in the course of completing their work-related duties. This has prompted many to come to us here at Cromartie Law asking if it is indeed possible to hold a trucking company liable for the actions of its drivers. 

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