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Georgia truck accidents delays traffic

Any of our Georgia readers, who are familiar with previous posts here, know that time and again attention has been called to the unique dangers that are posed in car accidents involving passenger vehicles and large trucks -- typically semi-trucks. The disparity in the size of the vehicles usually means that the drivers and passengers in any smaller vehicles could suffer serious injuries in this type of truck accident. But, what if two large trucks were involved in an accident?

Act quickly after a Georgia truck accident

Georgians who have seen a truck accident on the roads of northern Georgia knows that these accidents can have devastating consequences, both for the truck driver and any people in other vehicles that might have been involved. Being injured in a truck accident can be quite a bit different from suffering injuries in a collision between two passenger vehicles -- the injuries can be much more severe.

Taking a motorcycle accident case in front of a Georgia jury

Many Georgian personal injury lawsuits end in a settlement agreement. The parties decide that the resources that would be required to take the case to court exceeds what one party or the other is willing to spend. The parties may agree on a set amount of compensation in exchange for the case being dismissed. However, there are some cases in which the parties are simply at a stalemate. In those cases, a jury trial becomes a real possibility.

The skill of Georgia drivers can cause car accidents

For as long as there have been cars on Georgia roads, there have been car accidents. The problem, of course, is that car accidents occur for a wide variety of reasons. In many cases, drunk drivers are at fault. In others, a driver who is distracted by a cell phone or some other electronic device may be at fault. However, there is one particular area that most Georgians probably do not think about: the skill of drivers on the roads.

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