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December 2014 Archives

Georgia motorcycle safety and traumatic brain injuries

Motorcyclists in the state of Georgia are required by law to wear helmets while riding, this requirement applies to all riders, regardless of age. In requiring helmets for motorcyclists, Georgia is helping to protect riders for the realities of an accident, both small and large. Helmets are made to protect the head, specifically, the brain from injury in the event of an accident. While helmets routinely do their job sometimes, they are not enough to prevent a rider from suffering head injury that results in a traumatic brain injury.

Helping or hurting; when does overmedicating become abuse?

Growing old comes with an ever-growing list of the unexpected for not only the individual but for those that love and care for them. Sometimes this means dealing with mental diseases such as Alzheimer's or dementia which can turn a loved one into a virtual stranger. Individuals coping with these diseases often need the type of around the clock care in which nursing homes specialize.

Sunday afternoon crash claims four lives

A car accident can take a lot from a person. There is the financial toll of car repairs, medical bills, time off work spent recovering, all on top of the responsibilities that the person already had. But ultimately more costly than the financial toll are the physical and emotional injuries that a car accident can create. Cars can be replaced and bones mended, but the loss of a loved one is something that can't be repaired with money.

Family's wrongful death suit seeks answers from Chrysler CEO

Sometimes the truth is brought to light in the most unlikely of ways. When most people think of civil lawsuits, they envision an injured party fighting for compensation for the damages they have endured. But civil lawsuits have another side to them that deals less with monetary compensation and more with uncovering the truth and fixing the wrongs perpetrated by individuals and companies alike.

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