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November 2016 Archives

How can I identify signs of nursing home abuse?

While you expect your loved one to be safe and secure in a Georgia nursing home, elder abuse and neglect are serious issues at numerous facilities all over the nation. To this end, recognizing the common signs of nursing home abuse is critical to ensuring those responsible for providing care are held accountable for their actions.

How can I reduce the risk of falls of elderly guests?

You will no doubt have a full house this holiday season as loved ones stop by to share in the festivities. Unfortunately for older guests, the risk of falling in the home is a very real concern. That’s why it’s so important for New York home owners to be aware of this risk and take the proper steps to prevent a slip and fall accident from occurring.

Daylight Savings Time Causes a Rise in Car Accidents

For around 100 years, the United States has followed the lead of several other countries and changed its clocks twice a year. Following the mantra "Spring forward, Fall back," people have made certain to follow the militaristic commands at the penalty of arriving late for work or losing an hour of sleep. The entire idea behind the institution of daylight savings time has to do with the seasonal rotations and energy conservation. A later sunset during the summer months means that people do not use their lights as much indoors. This translates to lower utility bills and conserves energy.

Experts identify essential qualities that make a nursing home great

While many of us would likely prefer not to think about it, there will more than likely come a time when we will have to actively research nursing homes to assume care of our loved ones. Indeed, these loved ones might not even be elderly parents, but spouses requiring short-term rehabilitation following an accident or siblings in need of long-term care as their permanently disabling condition progresses.

Worker’s compensation and preexisting conditions

In Georgia, the rules governing workers’ compensation are detailed and exacting, setting out precise requirements for and limitations on the benefits that must be provided to injured workers. However, the act also places specific restrictions on the circumstances under which injuries are to be covered.

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