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How can I identify signs of nursing home abuse?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2016 | nursing home abuse and neglect

While you expect your loved one to be safe and secure in a Georgia nursing home, elder abuse and neglect are serious issues at numerous facilities all over the nation. To this end, recognizing the common signs of nursing home abuse is critical to ensuring those responsible for providing care are held accountable for their actions.

According to Next Avenue, there are a few things you can look out for if you’re concerned that your family member is not receiving the best care possible. For instance, injuries that seemingly happen without cause should be addressed immediately. This can include significant bruising, or even broken bones. Seniors are especially prone to falls, which can result in severe and even life-threatening injuries. Accordingly, nursing home staff must work to accommodate those with mobility issues.

An abused or neglected senior citizen may also exhibit emotional issues. Depression can be a common response to poor living conditions, and it can also cause a withdrawal from friends and family. Abuse victims sometimes self-harm, which can include a refusal to eat or take medications. Any changes in a senior’s mental state should be brought up with the staff as soon as possible.

If the facility in question is not well-maintained, it could indicate a potential neglect or abuse issue. Federal laws stipulate that nursing home facilities must meet certain standards for sanitation and cleanliness, and if these standards are not met the nursing home may run into legal problems. Hygiene issues are another important concern. In the event that a resident of an assisted living facility is unable to undertake basic hygiene, then the staff must offer aid. 

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