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How can I reduce the risk of falls of elderly guests?

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2016 | slip & fall accidents

You will no doubt have a full house this holiday season as loved ones stop by to share in the festivities. Unfortunately for older guests, the risk of falling in the home is a very real concern. That’s why it’s so important for New York home owners to be aware of this risk and take the proper steps to prevent a slip and fall accident from occurring.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists a few important facts about seniors and the risk of falls, including the type of injuries that can occur as a result. Head injuries can be particularly severe for your senior family members and may require immediate medical attention. Broken and fractured bones affecting the hips, wrists, or ankles are not often life-threatening, but can affect a person’s comfort level. They can also impact mobility, which in turn decreases quality of life.

Statistics paint a sobering picture of the likelihood of a fall occurring to an elderly loved one. For instance, up to 2.8 million people will require emergency medical treatment because of falls on a yearly basis. When it comes to hospitalization, more than 800,000 will be admitted because of a fall (usually due to hip fractures or serious brain injury). Traumatic brain injuries among seniors are most often caused by falls.

While accidents can happen even under the best of circumstances, there are things you can do to keep elderly guests safe in your home. It’s good to be aware of any health conditions that might increase the risk falling (such as poor eyesight or walking difficulty) and offer accommodations as necessary. You can also minimize hazards within the home by removing clutter from high-traffic areas, using higher wattage bulbs to increase brightness, and fixing broken steps.  

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