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January 2016 Archives

A personal injury claim after a truck accident in Georgia

Most of our Georgia readers would probably agree that truck drivers have a difficult and stressful job. It takes quite a bit of training in order to effectively operate a semi-truck, and drivers are usually under pressure to get from point A to point B in a certain amount of time. But, there is a major difference between truck drivers and the rest of us when we are on the road: truck drivers are working, while the rest of us usually are not. What is the biggest reason for making this distinction? Truck drivers, when they are behind the wheel and on the job, should perform like professionals.

Can you recover from a brain injury after a car accident?

Every day throughout Georgia people are injured in car accidents. Some suffer minor injuries, like bruises and abrasions, in what we typically call "fender-benders." Others, however, are not so lucky, suffering serious injuries that may require hospitalization and weeks or even months of recovery. One of the most severe injuries that a person can suffer from in a car accident is a brain injury.

Overview of 'gross negligence' and its impact in a car accident

Many of our previous posts here have addressed the wide variety of ways in which drivers cause car accidents in Georgia. From drunk drivers to distracted drivers to negligent drivers, there are all kinds of individuals out there on the roads every day. However, some car accidents are caused by more than a driver's simple lack of care. In some cases, the legal concept of "gross negligence" will come up.

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