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April 2015 Archives

Multi-vehicle crash in Georgia leaves five young women dead

Most Georgia residents have probably heard the heartbreaking news about a deadly truck accident that left five young women dead. The young women - all nursing students who were finishing up their first year of studies - were in two separate cars that were part of a multi-vehicle crash that reportedly occurred because the driver of a semi-truck did not slow down as he was approached a traffic jam.

Examining the frequency and types of elder abuse

The rights and wellbeing of senior citizens is an important issue that should be made more prominent as to expose any wrongdoing. Nursing home abuse, in particular, is a primary target to address, simply because so many people rely on these facilities as they get older. But just how prevalent is elder abuse?

Does wearing a helmet make a difference in a motorcycle accident?

Many residents of North Georgia will likely take full advantage of the pleasant spring weather by getting their motorcycles out, getting them prepped and taking them out for a ride. There is almost no better way for Georgia residents to know that spring has finally arrived than when they hear the roar of a motorcycle heading down the street.

Suffering head trauma in a car accident

A car accident can leave a Georgia resident with all sorts of serious injuries. However, of all the injuries a person can suffer, a head trauma is likely to be the biggest cause for concern. A head trauma could include a traumatic brain injury or a skull fracture, among other things.

Hit and run collision leaves bicyclist clinging to life

Any type of car collision has the chance to leave a Georgia resident injured, sometimes seriously. But, a hit and run type of car accident can be even more dangerous, because oftentimes the person who leaves the scene either doesn't know that they hit something or someone - or they don't care.

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