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November 2018 Archives

Achieving a permanent recovery from your repetitive stress injury

When you begin to recognize the symptoms of a repetitive stress injury, you may not immediately see it as a workplace injury. However, if your job requires you to perform the same functions repetitively and for consecutive periods of time, the pain you are experiencing can undoubtedly be caused by your job. At Comartie Law, we have helped many victims of workplace injuries in Georgia. 

Car wrecks and the risk of miscarriage

Whether you are an expecting mother or your partner is pregnant, you may have a number of concerns related to pregnancy. Sadly, some people have had to suffer through terrible tragedies, such as the loss of a fetus. Moreover, car accidents can cause a mother to have a miscarriage and you may be going through these hardships yourself. Our law office knows that losing a child during a car crash can be very upsetting and some parents are never able to recover from the emotional pain that they endure following such a terrible accident.

Signs of potential neglect or abuse in a nursing home

If you have an elderly relative living in a nursing home in Georgia, you will know all too well the importance of knowing that they are being well taken care of. Numerous families make the decision every day to move a parent, grandparent or other family member into a care facility for the exact reason that living in such a place may offer the best opportunity for proper care. Unfortunately, there are situations when being in the very place designed to care for a person exposes them to being neglected or abused.

Auto accidents and parked cars

Crashes happen on the road for all sorts of reasons, but some accidents are particularly unique. For example, some motor vehicle collisions involve a car that is not even moving. In some cases, a parked car may be involved in an accident because a driver parked their car poorly (or even on the road). In other instances, a reckless driver may veer off of the road and slam into a car that has pulled over for some reason or collide with a vehicle in a parking lot.

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