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Car wrecks and the risk of miscarriage

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Car accidents

Whether you are an expecting mother or your partner is pregnant, you may have a number of concerns related to pregnancy. Sadly, some people have had to suffer through terrible tragedies, such as the loss of a fetus. Moreover, car accidents can cause a mother to have a miscarriage and you may be going through these hardships yourself. Our law office knows that losing a child during a car crash can be very upsetting and some parents are never able to recover from the emotional pain that they endure following such a terrible accident.

A pregnant woman who is involved in a car wreck may be thrown from the vehicle or slam into something inside of the car, causing her to lose her baby. Even when a car crash does not result in a miscarriage immediately, it may bring on other difficulties. For example, a pregnant woman may become extremely stressed out in a way that endangers the health of her fetus. Moreover, even when someone who is pregnant does not lose their child in a crash, they may struggle with all sorts of other hardships that make their life very tough.

Our law firm believes that reckless drivers who cause car crashes must be held accountable, especially when these accidents result in the loss of innocent lives or cause debilitating injuries. Feel free to review our motor vehicle wreck page for more information on some of the consequences that car accident victims face and legal issues that are relevant to this area of law.

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