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Foot injuries and motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | Car accidents

Car accidents can result in many different consequences that not only turn the lives of victims upside down, but their loved ones’ lives may be affected also. There are countless ways in which motor vehicle accident victims are injured, whether they sustain a broken neck or brain damage after hitting their head. However, it is important to recognize some of the other injuries which may not receive as much attention but can be very devastating for victims, such as foot injuries.

Those who sustain a foot injury in a car crash may face many problems as they try to move forward from the accident. Not only can these injuries lead to a significant amount of pain, but they can also result in medical expenses that are very costly, and they can shatter a victim’s life in other ways. For example, someone may not be able to keep working because they cannot walk or stand on their foot for an extended period of time, and this can cause additional financial difficulties. Or, a car wreck victim may have to give up a hobby temporarily or permanently or drop out of an event that they were planning for as a result of their foot injury.

These are just some of the consequences associated with foot injuries which occur during a motor vehicle collision and our law office believes that victims in this position deserve justice. Reckless drivers who cause victims to sustain a foot injury (or any other type of physical or mental trauma) should be taken to court if necessary.

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