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Employee of siding company seriously injured in ladder fall

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | workers' compensation

Employers and employees in Georgia both generally want to do whatever it takes to maintain workplace safety. If an employee is injured or killed while on the job, it can be devastating for that person’s family as well as the company, and the incident may present the need for workers’ compensation payments. This is particularly the case if an employer failed to do anything that would facilitate a safe work environment. Authorities in another state are working to determine whether one workplace accident is due to that very reason.

A serious fall

Officials say that the accident happened on a worksite at a residence to an employee of a siding and windows company. For an unknown reason, the employee fell around 15 to 20 feet off of a ladder that slipped out from beneath him. He was seriously injured and had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment. Though his condition is unknown, he is expected to survive.

Law enforcement says that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been notified of the incident and is monitoring the situation. Police say they will submit results of their own investigation to the proper authorities. If the employee’s company is found to have violated any safety standards, it could have to pay a significant fine as well as make necessary safety improvements. The company could also dispute the findings but would have to do so within a specified time frame.

Employees have rights

The injured employee may be able to file for workers’ compensation benefits, which many people in different industries pay into as part of their employment agreement. Georgia workers who have been injured on the job or families of those who died on the job may not know that they have this option, but an experienced attorney can help them make a determination. It could make a significant difference for a worker or his or her family.

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