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Georgia interstate pileup kills four, injures nine

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2013 | Car accidents

Multivehicle accidents in Floyd County and the surrounding area can be some of the most catastrophic on the road. The chaotic nature of a multiple-car crash can make it particularly difficult for emergency crews to access the scene.Truck accidents can be especially hazardous. Some truck and trailer assemblies carry hazardous materials, while others are dangerous because of their size or weight.

Adverse weather conditions may have played a part in a recent 27-car pileup, which occurred on February 6 along Georgia’s Interstate 16 highway. According to investigators, there may have been up to 10 collisions during the multivehicle accident. Four people died and nine other individuals were injured as a result of the wrecks, which may have been caused in part by fog.

The multi-collision accident apparently took place approximately 30 miles southeast of Macon. An 18-wheeler and a fuel tanker were also involved in the pile-up, which was described by state troopers as the result of a series of “chain-reaction” events.

The formidable proportions of an overturned or jackknifed big rig make it difficult for motorists to avoid crashing into it. As a result, numerous cars often become part of a semi truck accident. The difference in size between semi trucks and smaller motor vehicles means that serious injuries often occur during these collisions, particularly to the drivers and passengers in the cars.

Individuals who believe they have been injured by another driver’s negligence may be entitled to compensation, which can help offset the costs associated with these types of traffic accidents. If you have been injured, please seek out legal counsel to sort through the legal options available to you.

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