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Stranger saves injured motorcyclist after hit-and-run accident

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents

Being a responsible driver includes avoiding sudden actions that could endanger motorcyclists on the road, such as cutting across lanes or making wide turns. A person involved in a motorcycle accident may be more vulnerable to catastrophic injuries because the rider can easily be ejected from the vehicle or suffer the full impact of a crash. Luckily, one Georgia motorcyclist was rescued by a kind stranger after what could have been a potentially fatal motorcycle crash.

Floyd County drivers may be surprised by the tragic and inspiring story of a motorcyclist who was reportedly found in accident wreckage by a passing driver. The motorcyclist allegedly crashed into a truck, which fled the scene shortly thereafter. The motorcyclist sustained a leg injury, which the helpful stranger treated temporarily by using a belt as a tourniquet.

The Carrollton motorcyclist had apparently lost an immense amount of blood before being air-lifted to an Atlanta hospital. In the aftermath of the accident, the man underwent a leg amputation. The cause of the motorcycle collision has yet to be determined, but reports say local law enforcement officials remain on the lookout for a light-blue GMC or Chevy truck with possible frontal damage on the passenger side.

Although the motorcyclist survived the terrible collision, he now has to cope with a permanent disability that could radically affect his mobility, employment and income. In cases where the liable driver hasn’t been identified, injured motorcyclists can still prepare for the opportunity to seek compensation by reviewing personal injury rights with an attorney in Georgia and working with law enforcement to gather the details of the accident.

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