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Georgia State Patrol report several injured in recent wreck

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2012 | Car accidents

Passengers involved in a car accident in Georgia can seek compensation for their injuries if the driver was engaged in reckless or otherwise negligent behavior that resulted in the crash. Drivers bear the responsibility for passengers in their care, and those injured in an auto accident should seek to learn their rights and legal responsibilities in order to determine how to proceed after a wreck.

Georgia State Patrol officers are investigating a crash that occurred in Dallas, Georgia, on Sept. 7. A Jeep Cherokee driven by a 17-year-old male collided with a Ford Contour driven by a 54-year-old woman. The accident occurred around 3:50 p.m. on Ivey Gulledge Road.

The vehicles were each carrying three passengers; two teens were ejected from the Cherokee. At least one child was airlifted from the Contour after being seriously injured. It remains unclear exactly how many of the parties in this accident were seriously injured. Additionally, as the accident was still under investigation during the time of a local report, it is not clear if speeding or other factors may have lead to the collision.

Understanding the factors involved in a crash and how they impact a victim’s ability to pursue compensations is the first step in recovering from an accident. It is important for victims of an auto accident to be fully aware of all of their legal options in getting fair compensation for their injuries. Negligent parties may be liable for costs related to personal injuries, medical care, damage to private property and even the pain and suffering or anguish of those affected by the crash.

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