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Car accidents: using the phone while driving in Georgia

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2014 | Car accidents

Georgia driving is one of the more dangerous activities humans engage in on a nearly daily basis. While most people would disagree, driving is legally a privilege not a right and, as with any privilege, there are many rules and regulations that controls a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. Before a person can even legally drive, they must comply with the age, skill and knowledge requirements of Georgia law. Once they have obtained their license, they must then use the knowledge they obtained and drive while adhering to traffic laws.

Every day, people sit behind the wheels of their vehicle looking down at the screen of their cell phones, tablets or TV’s, rather than keeping their eyes on the road. As a result, everyday people are involved in accidents, sometimes fatal ones, because of it. Georgia, like a number of others states, has taken notice of the toll distractions caused by cell phones and other devices causes. In response, Georgia passed two laws in 2010 that restricts the use of cell phones and like devices while driving.

The first law Georgia passed involves the use of cell phones. Under the law, those 18-years-of-age or under are unable to use cell phones in any capacity while driving. The law also applies to school bus drivers regardless of age. Those over the age of 18 are free to make calls on their phones while driving. But, the second law Georgia passed prohibits any driver regardless of age or occupation from texting while driving.

It has been shown that operating a vehicle while texting or using the phone is distracting as drinking and driving. There are many ways to be a negligent driver, sending a text message is likely one of the worse reasons to cause the damages and pain that comes with many car accidents.

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