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Avoiding a car crash during flu season

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2017 | Car accidents

With flu season approaching, there are all sorts of hazards drivers should be mindful of, from inclement weather such as snow and roads covered in ice to drunk drivers over the holidays. However, there are even more potential risk factors that you should keep an eye out for. For example, if you become ill due to the flu, your ability to drive safely could be negatively impacted by symptoms associated with your illness. In Rome, and cities all around Georgia, these accidents can turn fatal and often throw lives into chaos even when nobody passes away.

So, how can the flu cause a car accident, anyway? Aside from potentially serious symptoms such as a high fever or severe headaches, the flu can cause people to lose sleep, which could result in driver fatigue. Moreover, suffering from symptoms could bar a driver from reacting appropriately and may cause them to be distracted. If you take certain medication to help you with the flu, it could make you drowsy. It is always important to avoid driving when you are not sure that you can safely operate a vehicle.

Unfortunately, other drivers might get behind the wheel even though they are too sick to drive, putting innocent lives at stake. Whether they are forcing themselves to go to work or are driving for another reason, they must be held accountable if they cause an accident. Head over to our car accidents page if you would like to read more on motor vehicle collisions.

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