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Having a seizure behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2018 | Car accidents

There are many threats to safety when it comes to driving. Some threats are fully within a person’s ability to control, but they fail to do so as a result of their reckless behavior (driving while taking drugs or drinking alcohol, speeding and so forth). There are other risk factors that a driver may not be able to control, such as having a seizure behind the wheel. For example, those with epilepsy may pose a very serious threat to others on the road if they decide to drive and end up having a seizure.

Unfortunately, those with epilepsy may drive even if they are not supposed to, for various reasons. For example, they may need to get to work and drive themselves when the person who usually gives them a ride is not available. Unfortunately, if they have a seizure while driving they could cause a very serious accident, losing control and slamming into another vehicle. Some people may also experience non-epileptic seizures while driving, and these can be completely unexpected.

When a driver has a seizure on the road, they pose an immediate threat to others and their own safety as well. If someone struck you while having a seizure and they should not have been behind the wheel, it is crucial to take this into consideration as you evaluate your options. In some cases, legal action following a motor vehicle wreck is necessary and filing suit can help victims whose lives have been turned upside down in many ways.

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