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Why some roads and intersections are more dangerous for trucks

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks are more difficult than passenger vehicles to drive. They take longer to accelerate and stop than smaller vehicles. They have large blind spots, and they make very wide turns.

Professional drivers have to obtain a commercial driver’s license to operate an 18-wheeler and must adhere to stricter traffic rules than the laws that apply to the average passenger vehicle. Despite all of those special safety requirements, semi-truck collisions are a regular occurrence, and they tend to happen more frequently on certain roads and at specific intersections. The following factors tend to make certain streets and intersections more dangerous for commercial trucks.

Traffic density

The busier a location is, the greater the likelihood of a collision occurring in general. When vehicles have to be very close to one another in traffic, it may be harder for people to stop in time when something changes abruptly. Interstates with rush hour traffic and multi-lane roads that end up congested will often see collisions with commercial vehicles because some people will have to drive in a truck’s blind spots, which will increase their risk of a crash.

Speed limits

Higher speed limits can reduce the likelihood of major traffic jams, but they also make it harder for people to control their vehicles. Traveling at interstate speeds might mean that a truck driver cannot stop in time when someone suddenly merges in front of them and cuts them off in traffic. Especially when the flow of traffic or speed limit on the street or interstate is relatively high, motorists may need to leave extra space between their vehicle and others in traffic to reduce the chances of the crash with a commercial truck.

Small spaces and poor visibility

The factors that make intersections particularly prone to truck collisions are different from the risk factors on roads and interstates. Visibility can be a major issue, as trucks may have to turn a corner without seeing the traffic around the corner, which could lead to an unsafe angle of approach. Additionally, small intersections with single lanes of traffic may not provide enough space for the wide turns that trucks have to perform, which can increase the likelihood of a crash occurring, especially if smaller vehicles don’t adjust their behavior based on the presence of a semi-truck.

Drivers on busy streets and roads with highspeed limits, as well as motorists approaching intersections with tight corners or limited visibility, may keep themselves safer if they acknowledge that they are approaching an area where semi-truck crash risk is higher. Learning more about the factors that contribute to some of the worst collisions may help people more effectively avoid a crash in traffic.

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