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Jailed Georgia pharmacist charged with homicide

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2013 | Wrongful Death

A pharmacist who was recently arrested and charged with illegally selling painkillers is now facing multiple charges as a result of a motor vehicle accident that killed one man and injured two others. The druggist, whose Georgia pharmacy was recently raided by law enforcement, is now being charged with federal first degree vehicular homicide as well as driving on a suspended license and other charges associated with an alleged act of negligence in the truck wreck.

The latest charges stem from a May 29 accident in which the pharmacist was allegedly driving a truck without a valid driver license when he reportedly became distracted while texting and struck another truck on Cairo Road. The driver of the other truck was fatally injured, and two other passengers received non-fatal injuries when the pharmacist’s truck failed to remain within its lane.

As the pharmacist faces criminal charges, the families of the deceased and injured persons likely face medical expenses, funeral expenses and the pain and suffering associated with the accident. If the accused is found guilty and sentenced accordingly, a measure of justice may be felt by these family members.

However, the families of the victims may find that an attorney who is experienced in cases involving wrongful death may be of great help in this case. An experienced attorney may be able to form a case and help the families to secure monetary compensation for damages to help with medical and funeral expenses, loss of income as well as punitive damages such as pain and suffering.

Source: WALB 10 News, “Incarcerated druggist also faces fatal wreck charge“, Robert Hydrick, June 14, 2013

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