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Car accidents and other factors dictating car insurance rates

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2013 | Car accidents

Car insurance companies consider a number of factors when determining an individual’s premium. The present age of all the drivers on the policy, having been in any car accidents and adding inexperienced drivers onto the policy are some reasons for increased premiums in Georgia, since these are risk factors that increase the likelihood of a car accident taking place.

Premiums are higher for young drivers because insurance companies consider them a risk. The National Safety Council recorded that in one year, there were more than double the number of United States licensed drivers under the age of 25 as compared to the number of drivers over the age of 75. Accidents involving these inexperienced younger drivers were eight times more frequent than ones involving those over 75 during that same year. Young drivers are also more likely to drink and drive, speed and text while driving.

Compared to younger drivers, older drivers are a lot more experienced in driving. However, drivers over the age of 70 often have physical issues and challenges that can lead to dangerous situations on the road. Some reasons that older drivers are involved in car collisions can be vision difficulties, weaker reflexes and poor health in general. However, these drivers often compensate by driving more slowly and leaving more distance between their vehicles and others.

Old or young, any driver getting behind the wheel of a car could be a potential victim of an auto accident. While major car collisions can lead to huge medical expenses, serious injury and expensive property damage, minor car accidents can also cause lost wages and unfair liability increases. A personal injury lawyer may be able to oversee the accident investigation and suggest the best outcome for an individual’s particular situation.

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