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Porsche model involved in actor’s death was allegedly dangerous

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2013 | Car accidents

Some Georgia Porsche Carrera owners could be seriously alarmed by the fact that, according to some top executives working for Porsche, the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, like the one in which the famous young star of the Fast and Furious franchise was killed recently, is infamously challenging and dangerous to drive. Paul Walker was killed in a fiery crash in Los Angeles while riding as a passenger in a friend’s 2005 Carrera GT.

One Porsche test driver, who is also a world rally champion, reported to Drive Magazine that the Carrera GT’s level of power was uncontrollable for the majority of average drivers. He went on to relate that it was the first vehicle that he had ever driven that made him feel scared following a traumatic lap during a test drive on a track that was wet from a recent rain.

Even Jay Leno, who is an expert mechanic and worldwide-celebrated driver, allegedly had an adverse event while driving a Carrera GT. The car went spinning out of control in 2005 on a racetrack in Talladega. In 2006, California Speedway also had a fatal crash involving a Carrera GT, and the case resulted in an out-of-court settlement of $4.5 million. The case has subsequently generated discussions blaming the German automaker for a design that allegedly is especially lethal and devoid of electronic stability control.

Anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one or been injured in an auto accident involving an alleged unsafe vehicle or the negligence of others could be entitled to compensation. A legal settlement could help victims by compensating for medical expenses, loss of work, pain and suffering or final expenses for a family member who lost their life.

Source: Forbes, “Pro Drivers, Jay Leno Also Struggled With The Porsche That Killed Paul Walker“, Hannah Elliot, December 03, 2013

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