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Crash reconstruction as part of an accident investigation

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2015 | Car accidents

When a North Georgia resident is injured in an auto accident, there will almost always be an accident investigation to determine a number of factors, but none more important than who was responsible for the crash. In some cases the crash is due to one party’s recklessness – say, from drunk driving or texting and driving. In other cases the weather conditions may have played a factor. However, sometimes it can be difficult for police investigators to determine the cause of a crash. When this happens, an attempt at crash reconstruction could be in play.

A crash reconstruction can be significant if all of the facts from the time of the accident are available. For instance, were there a lot of pictures taken at the scene? And are the pictures from several different angles? Were there any eye witnesses who were interviewed? These, and many other details, can be key factors in reconstructing the crash.

Most crash reconstructions will focus on the three phases of a car accident: pre-impact, impact and post-impact. The position of the vehicles involved in any one of these three phases could be a crucial piece of evidence.

Pre-impact facts would include the speed of the vehicles involved, and whether or not the brakes were applied as the impact approached. Impact facts would include where and how the vehicles collided. Post-impact facts would include the final resting position of each vehicle, as well as the drivers and passengers involved. All of these facts are pieced together to determine, as close to accurate as possible, exactly what occurred and when during the accident.

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