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Basing a lawsuit on defective auto parts

On Behalf of | May 7, 2015 | Truck Accidents

The majority of lawsuits based on car accidents are usually founded on a driver’s negligence behind the wheel. The negligent driver can be held accountable for their behavior, especially if it results in an auto accident that leads to serious injuries or even fatalities. But what if the accident wasn’t due to a driver who was negligent? What if there was a defect in one of the cars involved, and that led directly to the accident? In that type of case, a lawsuit may be brought against the vehicle manufacturer.

Defective auto parts do cause a number of tragic accidents throughout America each year. Lawsuits based on defective auto parts, however, can be a bit more complicated than other personal injury lawsuits. Why is that? Well, the lawsuit will oftentimes get into highly technical background information regarding the vehicle, such as the way it was designed or the way it was manufactured.

The other part of this type of litigation is that in many cases the car manufacturer may be able to present a solid defense. For instance, if a person was driving a vehicle that they knew had a defect, and the defense can prove that the person knew about the defect, that may be a defense to a lawsuit based on the defective auto parts. Also, if the defect in the vehicle only occurred because the owner of the vehicle did not properly maintain the vehicle, that can be a solid defense to such a claim as well.

Most people who have been in a car or truck accident in Georgia will likely have their case reviewed to see what potential claims they could bring. Getting a comprehensive overview of what a case might involve can leave a car accident victim better prepared to make the right choice on how to proceed.

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