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What are the different types of broken bones?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcyclists in Georgia are experienced riders who take every precaution to avoid being involved in a motorcycle accident. However, the reality is that in many of these accidents the fault doesn’t lie with the motorcyclist – another negligent driver is the cause. When a person is involved in a motorcycle accident there is the potential that they will suffer catastrophic injuries, or at the very least broken bones.

What are the different types of broken bones? Many of our Georgia readers may not know that there are actually several different types of broken bones that a person can suffer. An open fracture is an unpleasant sight to see – this is when the broken bone is actually protruding from the skin. The opposite is a closed fracture, where the bone does not penetrate the skin but is broken within the person’s body.

The best a person can probably hope for is a simple fracture. When a broken bone is a simple fracture that means that the bone is only broken in one place. The opposite is a compound fracture, where the bone is broken in multiple locations. In a displaced fracture, the bones are not only broken, but are also out of their correct alignment. The opposite is a non-displaced fracture, meaning that even though the bones are broken they are still in the correct alignment.

Suffering broken bones in a motorcycle accident will necessitate medical attention. Medical attention leads to medical bills. And, when those medical bills start to pile up, a Georgia resident who was a victim in a motorcycle accident may start to think about their options for pursuing compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

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