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What types of damages can you seek after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2015 | Car accidents

Car accidents leave thousands of people injured and suffering every year. For some of the lucky ones, their injuries are temporary and they will recover fully. However, for many people who are injured in an auto accident, their injuries will result in permanent disabilities that leave them with physical limitations for the rest of their lives. The damages in these different types of car accidents can vary greatly. This may leave many people who are injured in a car accident in Georgia wondering what types of damages are available.

In almost every personal injury lawsuit that results from a car accident, the injured party – known as the “plaintiff” – will first and foremost be seeking compensation to cover medical expenses. This makes it very important for the victim to keep documentation of all medical treatment they receive, whether it is in the emergency room in the immediate aftermath of the accident, or bills for physical therapy that occurs months after they are discharged from the hospital. If the plaintiff can show that all of the medical expenses are a direct result of the accident, those costs can usually be recovered.

“Pain and suffering” is a legal term that most of our Georgia readers are probably familiar with. A car accident victim can seek this type of damages, which is an award of compensation for the type of injury that the victim suffers, as well as how painful that injury was. However, unlike an award of compensation for medical expenses, which can be proven through medical bills and invoices, proving an exact amount of pain and suffering damages can be tricky.

Lost wages can also be sought in a personal injury lawsuit. If a person spends any significant amount of time away from work due to the injuries they suffered in a car accident caused by another party, the victim can usually show just how much in wages they lost as a result, and those wages can be sought as damages in a personal injury lawsuit.

This post is just an overview of the damages that could be available following an auto accident. Anyone in the Floyd County area who is the victim of a car accident should talk to an experienced attorney about the particular circumstances of their case.

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