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Detecting nursing home abuse or neglect, and then taking action

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Nursing Home Neglect

This is the time of year when families are visiting and enjoying each other’s company. For many Georgia residents, that means a visit to a nursing home facility where an elderly relative may be living. These family visits are no doubt the highlight of the year for many people who reside in an assisted living facility. But, at the same time, these visits also provide family members an opportunity to look for signs of nursing home abuse or neglect.

No one likes to think that their elderly loved one could be subjected to acts of negligence or outright physical or mental abuse. But, unfortunately, this type of misconduct does occur, seemingly with shocking frequency. Nursing home staff members may make medication errors, leave residents for so long that they develop bedsores or otherwise fail to live up to a reasonable standard of care. After all, not all nursing home staff members are medical professionals, and as a result they may not feel obligated to take the extra step when caring for nursing home residents.

Georgia residents can look for signs of nursing home abuse or neglect when they visit their family members. There may be signs of physical abuse, such as bruising or scrapes. Or there may be signs of emotional or mental abuse, such as being withdrawn in the presence of others or exhibiting uncharacteristic behavior, such as lashing out verbally.

At our law firm, we take allegations of nursing home abuse and neglect seriously. We do our best to help the victims of this type of misconduct reach a remedy. For more information, please visit the nursing home abuse and neglect section of our website.

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