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What if you suffer permanent disability in a motorcycle accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents

A previous post on this blog touched on the fact that the day and time that Georgia residents decide to take their motorcycle for a ride could make a difference in whether or not they are involved in a potentially deadly motorcycle accident. As springtime rolls into summer, there will be more motorcyclists on the roadways, and those statistics will probably become even more relevant. But, what happens in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident? What if, as the result of another driver’s negligence, a motorcyclist is left with a permanent disability?

As any of our readers who are familiar with other posts here probably know, a personal injury lawsuit is a possibility when a motorcyclist suffers an injury in an accident caused by another driver. Perhaps it was a distracted driver or a drunk driver — whatever the source of a person’s negligence, if it leads to an injury in a motorcycle accident the injured motorcyclist may be able to pursue financial compensation.

If the injury results in a permanent disability, the motorcyclist will likely need to prove, as much as it is possible, that future medical expenses will be incurred for ongoing treatment or rehabilitation regarding the disability. This is oftentimes accomplished through the testimony of a medical expert who will be able to accurately predict the estimated expenses.

If the permanent disability will prevent the injured victim from earning an income, the victim will need to show the income earned prior to the injury and project out the wages that would have been earned going forward in life. If these lost wages can be shown, they may also be recovered in a personal injury lawsuit.

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