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Postal worker dies in collision with logging truck in Polk County

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2016 | Truck Accidents

Georgia residents see news reports concerning car accidents every day, but it is the accidents that involve semi-trucks that can be some of the most devastatingly dangerous accidents on the roadways. Truck accidents, almost without fail, can leave other drivers and commuters with serious injuries or, in the worst case scenarios, these accidents can cause death. That was, unfortunately, the result of a reported accident that occurred in nearby Polk County.

According to a recent report, a semi-truck that was hauling logs ran a red light on Georgia Highway 1 on April 12, and as a result the truck slammed into another vehicle — a United States Postal Service delivery truck. The Georgia State Patrol investigated this deadly accident, and they reported that when the collision occurred the driver of the postal service truck was apparently thrown from the vehicle. It appears that the postal driver died on the scene very soon after the accident.

Photos depicting the scene of the accident showed the semi-truck on its side with logs strewn about the highway. The reports did not indicate whether or not the semi-truck driver was injured but, interestingly enough, the truck driver was arrested on the scene for a warrant that was unrelated to the accident that occurred. On top of that, the investigation into the collision may result in even more criminal charges for the truck driver.

The reports concerning this accident in nearby Polk County seem to make it clear that the truck driver was negligent. Running a red light is, of course, an act of negligent driving. However, in order to prove that negligence in court, there will need to be some evidence — such as eyewitnesses or the statement of the truck driver himself — to confirm that the truck driver did indeed run a red light.

Source:, “Police: Driver hits, kills postal service driver after running red light,” Rodney Harris, April 12, 2016

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