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What damages need to be shown in a nursing home abuse case?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2016 | Nursing Home Neglect

It is not uncommon for elderly residents of a nursing home to suffer from injuries. Some injuries occur because of a fall, others because of too much strenuous activity. But the injuries that really concern Georgia residents are the ones that are caused by nursing home abuse and neglect.

However, once it has been established that an elderly resident’s injury was caused by nursing home abuse, what damages need to be proven in a personal injury lawsuit? The fact is that there could be a wide variety of damages at issue in such a case.

For instance, medical expenses associated with the abuse will most likely be paramount. A resident who has suffered from physical elder abuse will likely need to receive medical care in order to treat the injuries. The costs associated with that treatment will need to be documented and proven. Beyond that, if future medical expenses are likely to be incurred due to the impact of the injury, those anticipated costs will need to be proven as well.

In addition to proving medical expenses, victims of nursing home abuse may also need to make a showing of the costs of their pain and suffering. This can be a bit more tricky to prove, as it can in some ways be considered subjective, so it is important for Georgia residents who have suffered from nursing home abuse to have the best information about how these types of damages, as well as damages for physical injury treatment, can be proven in court.

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