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Why are seniors so susceptible to slip and falls?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2017 | slip & fall accidents

Per the United States Census Bureau, nearly 13 percent of Georgia’s population is 65 or older. As an older American, you may be prone to suffering serious injury after a relatively small accident, even though a similar accident may cause only nominal harm to a younger person. This  is particularly true when it comes to slips and falls. reports that one in three seniors falls at least once a year, and that slips and falls are the single-largest cause of hospital admissions, injuries and fatalities among older Americans.

There are several reasons you, as a senior, are more susceptible to slips and falls than the rest of the population. First, aging often has negative effects on vision, which may make it harder for you to see items that may block your path, particularly after dark. Your risk of suffering a fall related to poor vision increases, too, if you suffer from a degenerative eye disease or fail to wear glasses or contacts as prescribed.

If you take certain medications that affect balance or coordination, like many older Americans do, this, too, can elevate your chances of suffering a slip and fall. The risk rises even more so when you mix certain medications, with antipsychotics, antidepressants and certain sedatives, in particular, known to affect your overall balance.

A lack of physical activity, too, is a likely contributor to the rising numbers of seniors suffering falls.  You may begin to suffer from osteoporosis as you age or other conditions that can lead to bone loss or reduced flexibility and strength, and these conditions can dramatically enhance your chances of a serious fall. Certain illnesses and surgical procedures, too, can raise your risk of a fall as an older person, as can hazards found around your home, such as cluttered stairs or wires that can be easily tripped over.

This information regarding slips and falls is intended to be educational, but it is not meant to serve as legal advice. 

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