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Inclement weather and truck crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2017 | Truck Accidents

From excessive speeds to truck driver fatigue, large truck crashes have a variety of causes. However, it is vital for drivers to realize the dangers associated with inclement weather when they get behind the wheel. In Rome, Georgia, and on roads across the country, poor weather conditions can increase the likelihood of a motor vehicle accident. Sadly, when large trucks collide with other vehicles, the outcome is often particularly upsetting due to the size of trucks, drivers having difficulty slowing down and other factors.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, more than 70 percent of roads in the U.S. are in a location that receives snowfall. However, inclement weather can also cause problems in areas that do not receive snowfall. In addition to snow, large truck crashes may occur due to icy roads, sleet, heavy rainfall or fog, among other weather-related risks. Sadly, these weather conditions claim the lives of hundreds of people on roads per year and result in tens of thousands of injuries.

During foggy weather, truck drivers may have difficult seeing ahead due to poor visibility. Under these conditions, they may fail to see a stop sign or another vehicle on the road. Precipitation, including snow and rain, can also impact visibility and interfere with a driver’s ability to stop. In fact, even strong winds can lead to a traffic accident due to fallen trees and other obstructions on the road. Regardless of the reasons behind collisions, it is pivotal for victims of large truck wrecks to carefully assess their options afterwards.

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