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Signs of nursing home abuse or neglect

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2017 | nursing home abuse and neglect

There are many elderly people in nursing homes in Georgia. These people are often in there because they cannot take care of themselves or otherwise are unable to live on their own. Families have to make the hard decision to put their loved one’s care in the hands of people they do not know. The whole situation is based upon trust, but unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a reality. However, it is something that can be stopped.

The best way to stop this type of abuse is for families of nursing home residents to be alert and aware, and pay attention to what is happening with their loved ones. Fox Business reports that a main sign of abuse is a change in the way a loved one acts. An abused person may be withdrawn or suddenly act agitated. They might also exhibit fear that was never there before. Anytime a resident says abuse is occurring, it should be checked out.

According to, physical signs may also be easy to notice. Any unexplained injury should be suspect, like bruises. Bed sores or other infections that keep occurring are another sign. Hygiene issues and weight loss should also be watched for.

Every year abuse or neglect may occur in one patient out of six. Staff can abuse residents, or they can be abused by other residents. The issues that occur can be psychological, physical or sexual. In some cases, there is neglect or financial fraud. All of these things constitute abuse and are against the law. 

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