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Measures that nursing homes can take to protect patients

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2017 | nursing home abuse and neglect

Some seniors in Georgia reside in nursing home facilities because they need medical care, supervision and support that they are unable to receive in their homes. Many nursing homes have security measures in place to protect their residents; others do not. Nursing homes screen their staff carefully so they can hire the most qualified professionals. Sometimes, strict hiring criteria are not enough to keep bad caregivers from working for them.

Allegations of nursing home abuse are on the rise in the area. Here is a breakdown of safety measures that nursing home facilities can implement to protect their patients.

Protection against social media abuse

Social media nursing home abuse is on the rise. According to, this is a common issue for nursing homes across the country. To counteract this type of abuse, nursing homes should investigate all claims of social media abuse right away and provide ongoing training for their staff. Other ways to prevent social media abuse include restricting the use of employee cellphones and smart devices until they leave the premises.

Continuous staff training

There is a lot of turnover in the industry. Many professional nursing home caregivers do not have sufficient training or credentials to work in nursing homes. Some of them may be fresh out of school and lack proper experience. Nursing homes should provide ongoing training for their employees to improve their knowledge and experience.

Surveillance cameras

Some nursing home residents are unable to speak for themselves. The use of surveillance cameras can provide evidence of abuse and neglect. Security cameras can also help to deter nursing home staff from abusing and mistreating their patients, states Nursing Home Diaries.

Thoroughly respond to and investigate all accusations

Some nursing homes do not take timely action when there are allegations of negligence and abuse. They may wait until there are several allegations from different residents before they do anything. Nursing homes can help to reduce the number of neglect and abuse incidents that happen by taking each claim seriously and completing a thorough investigation. They should also notify their patients’ family members about those claims immediately.

Nursing home abuse and negligence situations are preventable. In addition to family members keeping a close eye on their loved ones, their nursing homes should have safety measures in place to protect them.

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