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Truck accidents vs car accidents

On Behalf of | May 9, 2017 | Truck Accidents

Every accident in Georgia is different and involves different factors, so a side by side comparison of accidents involving a car or a truck can be difficult. However, when looking at a comparison of which vehicle would be better off in a collision accident, Big City Driver reports that trucks usually come out on top because of their size. Cars are simply smaller and less sturdily built, which means they sustain more damage.

There are some situations, though, where a truck may not be better off. When talking about pickups and SUVs, rollover accidents are more likely with these vehicles whereas this isn’t as big of a risk for cars.

When you put large trucks into the mix, cars are at even more of a disadvantage, but any vehicle that is smaller than the truck is at greater risk. Smaller vehicles may often end up in the blind spots of a large truck, increasing the chances of an accident. In addition, even a large pickup truck is no match for a semi in a crash.

Precise Moves explains that more fatalities and injuries occur to those in cars than trucks. This backs up the idea that trucks offer more structural protection to occupants. In accidents involving large trucks, the occupants of the other vehicles were most likely to die, which is predictable given the size of these trucks. However, the statistics and data are affected by the fact that there are more cars on the roads than trucks or large trucks, so the reality may not be quite as extreme as it may seem. 

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