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How to share the road with commercial vehicles

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2017 | Truck Accidents

Many motorists believe that truckers and commercial vehicle operators are at fault for the most of motor vehicle accidents that occur on the roads in Georgia. Even though truckers have gotten a bad rep from spending long hours on the roads, driving while fatigued and engaging in other dangerous actions while driving, they are not at fault for some of the truck and car wrecks that occur. According to, when cars and commercial vehicles collide, it is usually the fault of passenger vehicle operators. 

Drivers should exercise caution and care when driving near trucks. Here are some ways motorists can share the roads with commercial vehicles. 

Give them space 

Trucks are much bigger than passenger cars. They carry heavy loads and require more time to stop and speed up. When motorists drive too close to big rigs and semi-trucks, they risk crashing into them. It is not easy to tell when large vehicles are decelerating or stopping. Changes in truck speeds and positions happen gradually, states 

Stay away from their blind spots 

Commercial trucks have no see zones (blind spots) in the back and on the sides of their vehicles. Truckers cannot see any objects, people or vehicles that are in those areas. Motorists should avoid driving in blind spots. When truckers make turns and lane changes, they will collide with any vehicles that are in their blind spots.

Avoid cutting them off 

Passenger car drivers should not make sudden maneuvers around truckers. They should use their turn signals and allow time for commercial vehicle operators to see them. Drivers who make sudden driving maneuvers and cut truckers off risk causing multiple car accidents. Trucks and commercial vehicles operators must apply their brakes suddenly when they are cut off which can also result in them tipping over and jackknifing. 

Before hitting the streets, motorists should make safety a priority. They should respect all drivers on the roads, regardless of the type of vehicles they operate. Passenger car operators should also drive defensively and without distraction to reduce their risk of colliding with commercial trucks.

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