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Facts about falls and tips for preventing them

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2017 | slip & fall accidents

No matter where you are or what you are doing in Georgia, if you slip or trip and fall, you could be at risk for an injury. If you are looking at a smartphone or are distracted in another way, you may be responsible for the harm you suffer and the costs of medical attention. However, if your environment causes the fall in some way, the person who is responsible for the safe maintenance of the property may be at fault. Our legal team at Cromartie Law often helps clients analyze whether someone else’s failure to make an area safe caused a fall.

The National Safety Council notes that you may be most likely to fall in areas where there are uneven or unstable surfaces. Stairs and ramps are often fall locations, as well as anywhere that is above ground level and does not have a proper guard. Surfaces around doorways are often subject to weather conditions, and these frequently cause slipping hazards.

Many falls and the resulting injuries are preventable. The agency provides a number of tips for businesses and individuals to keep people from being hurt. These include the following:

  •          Make sure walkways, stairwells and other areas have adequate lighting
  •          Clean up spills and slick spots on floors right away
  •          Keep objects and cords out of walkways
  •          Close drawers and cabinets when they are not in use
  •          Inspect and maintain traffic areas, including stairwells and sidewalks
  •          Ensure all stairways have handrails on both sides

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