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Pedestrian accidents: 3 things you should do if you get hit

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2017 | Pedestrian accidents

As a pedestrian, you have to remember that sometimes drivers are not looking out for you. Even if you properly walk through a crosswalk, a negligent driver could crash into you. This is a scary thought, especially because cars can cause severe injuries even if they hit you at slow speeds. Whether you walk every day or occasionally, it is important for you to be prepared if this ever happens.

In the event a car hits you, you should take certain steps right away to ensure you can hold the negligent driver accountable and get compensation. Keep reading for a list of the most important steps to take.

1. Keep the driver at the scene

Even if you do not immediately notice you have any injuries, avoid any temptation to let the driver go. Instead, calmly talk to the driver and ask him or her to remain at the scene. If there are witnesses around, kindly ask them to stay as well. If the driver flees, try to take a picture of the license plate or take note of the make, model and color of the car.

2. Call the police

Even if you feel fine, make sure you contact police and file an accident report. This will help you if you notice any injuries later on. Do not feel guilty about potentially incriminating the driver. You need to look out for your own best interests. A police report can help give you a leg up when you file a claim with the insurance company.

3. Collect important information

It may take a few minutes or longer for police to arrive. As you wait, get information from the driver, including license details and insurance information. You should also take pictures of the scene with your phone. Take photos of yourself, the car, license plates and street signs. All of these will help strengthen your case against the driver.

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