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How many workers are killed and hurt in mining accidents?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2017 | workers' compensation

When it comes to mining accidents, some people may think that injuries and fatalities hardly ever occur. While safety has improved considerably in comparison to generations ago, miners continue to face risks that can claim their lives or cause devastating injuries. For those who work in a mine, as well as the families of miners, recognizing how many fatalities and injuries occur in the mining industry may be useful.

According to the United States Department of Labor, 19 coal miners passed away in on-the-job accidents during 2012, whereas 21 workers lost their lives in these types of accidents throughout 2011. However, 48 coal miners passed away in 2010. Across the entire mining industry, the 2011 injury rate was 2.73 out of every 200,000 hours worked.

Miners who pass away often leave families with more than just emotional trauma. Sadly, many also experience financial troubles, whether they cannot cover funeral costs or are struggling due to lost income. Also, those injured in a mining incident may have physical pain and financial issues which stem from lost wages or medical care. For people struggling with these challenges, workers’ compensation may help them find some sense of normalcy and recover from the hurdles they are facing.

From survivor benefits to job training, help with medical expenses and financial assistance, those who are eligible for workers’ comp may be able to receive different types of help. From mining accidents to all other forms of workplace accidents, workers who are hurt on the job in Georgia should utilize resources that may help them move forward.

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