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What can I do about toxic chemical exposure in my workplace?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2017 | workers' compensation

As a worker in Georgia, you should know that sudden, acute injuries are not the only threat to your health at work. Occupational diseases can also have a major impact on your life.

As FindLaw reports, one major source of occupational disease is the exposure to hazardous chemicals. You can protect yourself by recognizing and mitigating the effects of toxic chemicals in your workplace. Under federal law, employers are required to inform their employees about toxic exposure risks in the workplace through the display of Material Safety Data Sheets. MSDS identify the risks of a potentially toxic substance and instructions for safe handling of that substance.

If you believe that you are being exposed to toxic chemicals at work, you have options to lessen the risk of permanent damage. First, you can always wear proper safety equipment when handling hazardous materials. This equipment may include wearing latex gloves, protective eyewear or even a ventilator when you work with potentially toxic substances. Always make sure that you are in an area with proper ventilation before you use chemicals that can cause injury when inhaled.

You can also work with your employer to create a safer work environment by increasing safety warnings, establishing better toxic chemical policies and procedures and finding less harmful substitutes for dangerous substances in the workplace. Becoming aware of toxins in your work environment can save you the pain and suffering of an occupational disease caused by years of unknowing exposure.

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