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Survey: Many U.S. drivers speed

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2018 | blog

There are many ways that your safety could end up at risk out on the roads. One is if the drivers around you don’t obey traffic laws. This includes the laws against speeding. Survey results recently released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety indicate that speeding remains very common in America.

Despite the dangers, some drivers still view speeding as acceptable

Speeding creates significant crash risks. Despite this though, there are drivers who still see it as somewhat or completely okay to have a lead foot when behind the wheel. According to AAA’s 2017 Traffic Safety Culture Index, 14 percent of drivers see it as acceptable to go 10 mph above the speed limit on residential roads. It is even more common for motorists to view speeding as acceptable out on freeways. The survey indicated that going 15 mph above the limit on freeways was viewed as acceptable conduct by 23.9 percent of drivers.

Around half of drivers go well above the speed limit

According to the survey, the number of drivers who do actually speed far exceeds the number who view speeding as acceptable. The study indicated that going 10 mph above the speed limit on residential roads was reported by 47.6 percent of drivers. Meanwhile, going 15 mph above the speed limit on freeways was reported by 50.3 percent of drivers.

When your life is changed by a speeding driver

As these survey results point to, the chances of encountering a speeding driver out can be quite high, given the prevalence of this dangerous conduct among motorists. Such encounters can go far beyond just being unnerving. Coming across a speeding driver here in Georgia could have the potential to throw your life completely upside-down.

If a speeding driver’s conduct leads to you getting into a car crash, you could be left with serious injuries that could have all manner of major ramifications on your everyday life. In such a situation, what legal actions you take could have considerable impacts. Given this, when you have been subjected to a life-altering accident by a speeding driver, seeking out guidance on the available legal options can be a smart move.

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