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Poor road markings and dangerous intersections

On Behalf of | May 4, 2018 | Car accidents

The risk of a motor vehicle wreck is heightened by many factors, such as failure to observe stop signs and distractions behind the wheel (talking to other people in the car, cell phones, etc.). However, some crashes are also caused by less common factors, such as poor road markings at an intersection. If a driver does not see a stop sign, for example, they may drive through an intersection and collide with another vehicle at a dangerously high rate of speed. As a result, it is essential for anyone who notices poor road markings to speak up and for those involved in a crash caused by this problem to examine their options.

Road markings, such as those which indicate approach lanes and vehicle paths, are essential. Over time, however, these markings may become faded due to weather and traffic. Unfortunately, when drivers are not able to see these markings, the chances of an accident may be heightened significantly. Worse yet, it can be very frustrating for victims and their loved ones to realize that it would have been very easy to fix the problem beforehand.

Each day, people who live across the U.S. face an increased auto accident risk because of poor road markings and our law firm believes that this is unacceptable. Sadly, these crashes can lead to broken bones and other serious injuries, in addition to the loss of innocent lives. If you follow the link to our accidents page, you will find further information devoted to auto accident injuries.

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