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Take these steps after a fall to prevent another accident

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2019 | slip & fall accidents

You could slip or trip and fall anywhere in Georgia, and your first impulse may be to get up and move on. However, hurrying away after the accident could be one of the worst things you can do. We at Cromartie Law understand the importance of taking precautions after a slip-and-fall accident.

In the immediate aftermath of the fall, you may be too shaken up to be fully aware of your physical condition. suggests that you take a moment to evaluate your body while you are still on the ground or floor. Move your hands and wrists and your feet and ankles to check for aches and pains, and then your arms and legs, to determine whether you may have serious bruises or even broken bones.

You should consider whether you feel dizzy or weak, as these symptoms could cause you to fall again. Getting up too quickly could also cause you to fall. Here are some tips for getting back on your feet after a fall:

  • Roll onto your side and rest for a moment
  • Locate a chair or other furniture nearby to use as a support
  • Slowly get into a crawling position
  • Crawl to the support and put your hands on it
  • Bring one leg up so your foot is resting on the floor
  • Push yourself up to a standing position using your arms and legs

You may want to sit down and rest for a few more moments, just to make sure your blood pressure and heart rate are stable and will not cause you any issues when you are ready to be on your way again.

More information about what to do after a slip-and-fall accident is available on our webpage.

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