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How do I fall-proof my home?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2019 | slip & fall accidents

As residents of Georgia grow older, one concern they tend to have is falling. In fact, according to an article published by Forbes, every year, one-fourth of seniors over 65 years old report a fall. Falls also account for 95 percent of hip fractures each year and is the most common reason seniors are admitted to the hospital for none-fatal trauma.

Because falls mostly occur at home, it’s a good idea to fall-proof your home. Here’s how. If you are not a senior but your grandparents or other seniors visit often, it would be wise to follow these tips as well.

Routine home safety check

Review the house or ask someone who is more agile to do it for you. Let them check for the following safety hazards:

  •          Uneven floors
  •          Clutter in the hallway
  •          Mats at the top of stairs
  •          No rubberized slip-resistant mats in the tub

Talk to your doctor

Sometimes even the most agile seniors can slip and fall because of medication. Check with your doctor to see if the side effects of your medication include any feelings of dizziness, lethargy or nausea. Remember that even regular cold and flu medication may also make you drowsy.

Upgrade the lighting

The easier it is to turn on lights, the more likely you may be to do it. Use touch lamps in bedrooms and consider using automatic sensor lights throughout the rest of the home. This helps to limit the likelihood of you fumbling through the dark.

Falls do not only affect seniors. Everyone at all ages and level of agility can fall and hurt themselves. So, by taking these measures, you may not only help to keep yourself safe, but also those around you.

The information contained herein was provided purely for educational purposes and should not be considered legal advice.

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